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If you are currently logged in at your customer account, you can access this feature dirctly by following this link.

The filter configuration in the FINDOLOGIC customer account allows a user-friendly and fast configuration of your filters. You can find the filter configuration in the FINDOLOGIC customer account → tab Settings → Filter configuration. First choose if you want to configure the filters for the search or for the navigation. Search result filters will be shown on the search result page and the navigation filters will be shown on the category pages.


Please take a look at the following information to use the filter configuration:

XML Filters

If you use one of the these shopsystems

  • OXID
  • Shopware
  • Magento

you should consider the following things:

The filter-data will get sent to the plugin of the shopsystem via XML-Response. The plugin uses the available filter-functions from the shopsystem to convert the information to HTML. It may happen, that some filter-types, which were set in the FINDOLOGIC customer account won't get fully supported by the plugin. Due to that FINDOLOGIC suggests to upgrade the plugin to the latest version. The order of the filters can be changed in the templatemanager, if the {generated_filters}-plugin is not used. If the {generated_filters}-plugin is used, you can change the filter configuration in the FINDOLOGIC Customeraccount → tab Settings → Filter configuration.

HTML filter-templates

If you want to use the filter configuration you need to have the {generated_filters}-plugin activated in the templatemanager. The plugin gets active, if the following line of code is added to your template file (examples for template files: plenty2.tpl, html2a.tpl, html3.tpl). Please check in your current template, if the following line of code is in your template:


To avoid, that filters are not shown twice, you have to remove hardcoded filters from the template.

Main filters / Other filters / Inactive filters

Filters can be moved to the different categories via drag & drop.

Main filters

By default, filters in this category will be shown on each search result page or category page. If there is no filter-data there will be a default-text “No more filters possibilities”.

Other filters

Filters in this category will be shown after a click on “Show more filters”. If there is no filter-data the filters and the link for showing more filters will not be shown.

Inactive filters

Filters in this category will not be shown at all.

Configure the filters

To see all available settings, you need to click on “Additional Settings”.

Database name

The name of the attribute, that should be a filter - like it is called in the export.

Display name

The name of the filter, that is shown.

If your response-type is XML, your changes will not have an effect here.


Choose the type of the filter from the dropdown. Depending on the filter, you can choose from different types.


Filter values will be shown as text.

Color Filter

Filter values will be shown as a color picker.


To make sure all colors are being displayed, do not forget to add them in the FINDOLOGIC customer account under → tab Settings → tab Product Colors. Here you can find an instruction regarding this topic.


Filter values will be shown in a dropdown element.


Filter values will be shown as an image. As this feature is very useful for the manufacturer filter, it is only available for the manufacturer filter. To use this filter please follow this instruction on how to use manufacturer logos.

filter configuration: image

  • Display style:
    • As list: After each image, there is a new line.
    • Float horizontally: Images are shown in one line. Automatic new line is inserted, when the filter width isn't large enough.
  • Show title: Show the title of the filter and the image.
  • Image width: Width of the image (image scales).
  • Image height: Height of the image (image scales).

Range Slider

The filter value will be shown as a range slider. To use this configuration, you need to export numeric values as attributes for this filter.

For example: Do not export like this: 100 cm. Correct: 100. You can set the unit in the filter configuration in the FINDOLOGIC customer account. If you export 100 cm it is not possible to use the Range Slider for this filter, because the range slider is only able to work with numeric values.
  • Unit: The unit that should be shown in the Shop.

filter configuration "unit"

Further options

Following filter options will be shown, if the chosen filtertype allows it.

more options

  • CSS class: Filters obtain the CSS class that is set here.
  • “No filter available”-text: Sets the text, if there are no more filter values for a certain filter.
  • Sorting: Sets the order of the filter values.
    • A-Z: Lexicographic order
    • relevance: Sort is according to the calculated relevance based on the number of items matching with each filter value
    • count: The most clicked filter values ​​are listed first
    • 0-9: Ascending order
  • Show count: If enabled, the number of items for each filter value is displayed in brackets next to the filter value.

Requirements for an update

If you are not sure, that you can use the {generated_filters}-plugin, please contact our support