If you have a contract, that is professional or higher, it is possible to set rules to push products in the search result and navigation result pages. You can set these rules by defining specific attributes or combinations of those. All products with these specified attributes will get a boost. For example: you can push all articles form DELL (f.e. vendor=DELL). For this example you may also have a look at the picture at the bottom of this documentation page.


  • Name: Randomly chosen namen, which is just for representation.
  • Status: Shows, if product pushing is enabled or disabled.
  • Weight: Specifies the weight of a certain push rule.
  • Campaign: Relate your pushing rules to a certain campaign. See campaigns for our documentation about how to set up campaigns.
  • Conditions: Specifiy the attributes that should define the pushed products.

Product Pushing configuration

The effective bonus value is the maximum of the weight of all matching push rules and the exported bonus value. Eg. if a push rule with weight=1 and another with weight=3 apply to a product, and a bonus value of 4 is exported, then the effective bonus value is max(1, 3, 4)=4.
Push rules affect the product suggestions in the Smart Suggest.
The conditions are AND-related. All conditions must apply to an article for pushing it.
The changes will only work after an additional import.

How product pushing works