Supports OXID 4.x and 6.x and is used for Direct Integration.


Findologic search & navigation

Findologic export

Install search & navigation plugin

  • Open the OXID admin and activate the module Findologic - Search & Navigation Platform.
  • Click on Settings and insert the shop key provided by Findologic and press save.

  • Clear shop cache or remove tmp files with:
rm <shop_directory>/source/tmp/*

Install export plugin

  • Copy the findologic-export folder to the plugin directory at <shop_directory>/source/modules.
  • Install module configuration:
cd <shop_directory>
vendor/bin/oe-console oe:module:install-configuration source/modules/findologic-export/findologic-export
  • Register module package in project composer.json:
cd <shop_directory>
composer config repositories.findologic/findologic-export path source/modules/findologic-export/findologic-export
composer require findologic/export
  • Install dependencies:
cd <shop_directory>/source/modules/findologic-export/findologic-export
composer install
  • Open the OXID admin and activate the module Findologic - Export.

Product export

For the functionality of the plugin it's essential to export the product data from the shop to Findologic. For this purpose, the Findologic export library libflexport is included.

By default the export contains only demo product data, it's necessary to export the actual product data with the help of libflexport.

The export is triggerred by the plugin-oxid-di module and calls


Please use this example and modify it to your needs. The library provides you with the functionality to export XML according to the xml export documentation. The exported XML will be validated against a predefined XSD Schema.

Run export

The export can be triggered by URL in your browser:

  • shopkey: API key provided by Findologic
  • start: number that should not be lower than zero
  • count: number that should not lower than zero and “start” number

This export url has to be set in the Findologic Account Settings, see documentation.

If you have troubles with the export please contact us at