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Smart Suggest tracking allows you to track the usage of the Smart Suggest within Google Analytics. This will give you the possibility to easily check the impact of your Smart Suggest.

How to enable Smart Suggest tracking

How to find the data in Google Analytics

  • You can find the data under Behavior → Top Events.
  • Every Smart Suggest click event can be found by searching for Smart Suggest Click:.
  • The click event is being subdivided into the appropriate type of the click:
    • Suggestion
    • Product
    • Category
    • Brand
    • Ordernumber
    • Merchandising feature (like Promotion, Landingpage, …)
    • Top query (top query suggestions in the Mobile Smart Suggest Overlay)
  • You can handle this data like any other data you collect in Google Analytics.
  • Have a look at the following screenshot in order to see how the collected data looks like in your Google Analytics account.