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Welcome to our technical documentation.
In this documentation you can find all important information about technical and administrative topics.

Link Description
Customer account FINDOLOGIC provides features like synonyms, landingpages and more! Here you can find detailed description for all features.
Integration documentation Here you can see how you can integrate FINDOLOGIC in your shop. FINDOLOGIC offers plugins for the most common shop systems.
Export documentation FINDOLOGIC supports XML and CSV export. Here you can see how the export should be formatted.
Implementing FINDOLOGIC branding Integrate the FINDOLOGIC logo in the appropriate way.
Use FINDOLOGIC with Google Analytics Step by step manual in how you can use FINDOLOGIC with Google Analytics.
Personalization with FINDOLOGIC With this short manual you can easily learn how to boost certain products based on user information provided by a webshop.
Link Description
Help Center / FAQ's Here is our Help Center / FAQ's (German).
FINDOLOGIC Homepage Official Homepage.
Customer account login Login to the customer account.
Contact our technical support If you have any issues, please let us know about them.