The color filter allows you to display the color values ​​of your filter as color tiles.

You can access the color filter configuration in your account.

Color library

The color library provides predefined colors that you can use as color tiles in your shop.

You can also add an individual color by clicking on “Add new color hue”. You can choose the color via color picker or hex code. After clicking “Ok”, the new color is being added to your color library.

Use this tool to get the hex-codes for certain colors: (external website)

Color image directory

It is also possible to display your predefined colors via an image directory.

Filename conventions

The names of the image-files may have to be changed due to the specific filename conventions.

  • All special characters (including whitespaces) will be changed to a “_”.
  • More then one “_” (“”) will get just one “_”.
  • All characters will be changed to lower case.
  • Umlauts will get replaced with their basic form (ö = o, ä = a, ü = u, ß = s).


Colorname Filename
“Black White”“black_white.jpg”
“Bleu Fonc锓bleu_fonc_.jpg”