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The color filter allows you to display the color values ​​of your filter as color tiles.

color filter

Following, you can find a step-by-step explanation of what needs to be done, to add this functionality to your shop.


HTML Response:

If you want to use the color filter, you need to have the {generated_filters}-plugin to be activated in your template. If you are not yet using the plugin, you can follow our documentation about this plugin.

If you are not sure if you use this plugin just write a quick E-Mail to

XML Response:

By default the color filter should work as intended.

If the filter does not work, please write a quick E-Mail to

Set the colors in the customer account

You can define colors in the Findologic customer account under → tab Settings → color filter.

There are three possibilities to define colors:

  • You add a Hex code in the Findologic customer account (example: “#00DD00” for poison green)
  • You enter the path to an image directory on your server and upload the image. Call the files like the filter values, that should be displayed in the color filter.
  • You use the predefined colors from Findologic.
If there is a “?” instead of an color tile, this results from an yet undefined color for this color tile.

Color hue

In this tab you can add your color hues. In order to do this, you need to add a color name (eg. Royal Blue) and a hex-code for the color (example: #1100FF)

Here is an useful tool to get the hex-codes for certain colors: (external website)

Tab: color hue


  • The defined color hue overwrites the predefined colors with the same name.
  • Only a valid hex-code can be saved.
  • It is only possible to add monochrome colors as hues.

Color image directory

It is possible to display your colors within the color filter with your own images.

Tab: Color image directory

Filename conventions

The names of the files of the images may have to be changed due to the specific filename conventions. In the Findologic customer account, you can find a “file name tool” that tells you, how certain images should be called:

  • All special characters (including whitespaces) will be changed to a “_”.
  • More then one “_” (“”) will get just one “_”.
  • All characters will be changed to lower case.
  • Umlauts will get replaced with their basic form (ö = o, ä = a, ü = u, ß = s).

A few examples:

Colorname Filename
“Black White”“black_white.jpg”
“Bleu Fonc锓bleu_fonc_.jpg”

Predefined colors

Findologic already pre-defined some colors for you.

You can find all predefined colors and hex-codes in this tab.

Tab: Predefined Colors


The priority of the three possible ways to define colors are as listed here:

  1. Image
  2. Self-defined hue
  3. Findologic-defined hue