You can access the data sync in the account by following this link.

Manual data sync

A data sync updates the current article data that is the base for the Findologic search.

It can also be necessary to activate changes in the customer account like newly configured push rules or synonymes that are only available after a new data sync has finished.

In the left column the result and key metrics of the last manual data sync are displayed.

Next to the Status in the manual import history you are able to see or download the logfile of the last manual data sync.

Before each data sync the option „Ignore Number of Articles“ can be selected.

This will disable a check for the number of articles that are contained within the current data export.

Please only use this option, if the number of articles intentionally decreased by more then 40%.


The Settings tab gives an overview of all the key configurations of the export:

  • Shop-URL: The URL of your shop.
  • Shopkey: The unique identifier of your service (provided by Findologic).
  • Export URL or CSV URL: The URL where the export data can be found.

If the Export URL or CSV URL is protected via .htaccess the necessary username and password combination have to be set here.

Frequent export errors

If an export error occurs that is unfamiliar, here is a list of the most frequent export errors and how to resolve them.