If you are currently logged in at your customer account, you can access this feature dirctly by following this link.

If your contract is professional or higher, it is possible to redirect users in your shop for special search terms to another website instead of a search results page. This offers opportunities for search terms like GTC, legal notice and several other things.


  • Name: Name of the landingpage
  • URL: URL of the landingpage
  • Status: Shows, if the landingpage is enabled or disabled.
  • Campaign: If you have set up a campaign, you can link a campaign to the landingpage. (See our documentation about campaigns).
  • Search Term: Search terms for which the user should be redirected to the landingpage.

Landingpage configuration

Users in your shop see the name of the landingpage in the Smart Suggest.

How landingpages work

First you need to go to the customer account → tab Settings → Landingpages. Afterwards you need to add the parameters of the landingpage and save it. If this is done, the landingpage should already be active in your shop.

In the Smart Suggest it would look like this:

Smart Suggest

For a redirect you need to have JavaScript enabled.