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If your contract is professional or higher, it is possible to add search-concepts in your shop for special search terms. Search-concepts allow you to already pre-filter the search results for your users.


  • Name: Name of the search-concept (users will not see this)
  • Status: Shows, if the search-concept is enabled or disabled.
  • Campaign: If you have set up a campaign, you can link a campaign to the search-concept. (See our documentation about campaigns).
  • Search terms: Search terms for which the user should get the search-concept result.
  • Filters: The filters that get selected when searching (The user does not see, that those are selected).
  • Alternative search term: If the alternative search term is specified, this term will be searched internally. This way you can search for certain items within the already chosen filters.

Search-concept configuration

How search-concepts work


Your customers search for “operating system” and probably want to buy Microsoft Windows. But your category Software → Operating Systems also has Mac OS and Linux. Now you can set a search-concept for the search term “operating system”, where you set the filter “Category → operating systems” and the alternate search term to “windows”. Now customers will find only windows products when searching for “operating system”.