Frequent export errors and next steps


SoapClient "url"-option is required in nonWSDL-mode

→ Please check your export-URL for correctness.

HTTP status code 404

→ Please check, if the export-URL, that you provide is set up right and still existing.

HTTP error-status 500 / 503

→ Please check, if the working memory (RAM) of your server has enough capacity.

→ Please check, if the process of exporting the article data is not overlapping with other running processes on your server

→ Please check your article data for wrong configured article data, which is implicitly needed by FINDOLOGIC.

Unexpect output when deleting old export file: Starting export...

→ The existing export-data could not be deleted. Please check if the needed rights are given on the server.

Error fetching http headers / could not connect to host

→ This is a an error that occurs temporarily with high chance. Please restart the import/export process manually or contact support@findologic.com, if you ran out of manual import attempts.

New CSV contains only 60% or less of old CSV. Lines in old CSV "x". Lines in new CSV "y".

→ Please check your shopsystem, if all articles were exported as intended. This error message may also occur if there was a reduction of your article inventory.

→ If the error can be identified as an error in the import/export process, please restart the process manually.

→ If the the error persists after these steps, please contact support@findologic.com.

Malformed Response

→ The webserver did not provide the document correctly. Please take care that your webserver delivers a http-compliant response. (Check your server logs and timeouts in order to do this.)

Could not insert articles in table tmp_d123cd456ef78g999

→ This error indicates that there is a problem with creating temporary tables. Please check your webserver logs to get more information about that.

Cannot decode chunked response, invalid chunk length

→ The response on calling the export-URL is empty. Please take care that the response is containing readable content.

Unable to connect to //tcp://SHOP-DOMAIN:xx// / Error: Connection timed out

→ Please verify if your IPv6 configuration is set up right. Use a site like http://ipv6-test.com/validate.php to validate your configuration.

Unexpected output when deleting old export file: Access Denied

→ Please check if the CSV-file or the directory of the CSV-file does have the required rights. They have to be set to 777.

Import Failed: Unable to lock instance <SHOPKEY>! Another import is already in progress for this service.

→ A manual import was started while an automatic import-process was already running. Automatic import will continue anyway, so wait for the end of the automatic import and restart your manual import afterwards if needed.

PlentyMarkets only

Looks like we got no XML-document

→ This error message occurs only with plentymarkets-shopsystem. There is a corrupt article in the export. Please log in to your shop backend at Data-Exchange → API Log → SOAP-Log and check “Activate Logging”. Next, restart the import/export process or write a message to support@findologic.com, if you ran out of manual import attempts.

Insufficient user rights

→ This error message concerns the plentymarkets-API-user. Please verify that the user is assigned to class “API”.

OXID only

Could not create HEAP table tmp_d41d8cd98fb24e98998ecf8427e

→ This error indicates that the versions of OXID and MySQL are not compatible. Please take care that the versions are compatible.

If you are still experiencing problems with the import/export process after implementing the mentioned measures according to the occured error message, please feel free to contact support@findologic.com. If you got an error message that is not listed here, please contact support@findologic.com aswell.