Search Insights allows you to see why certain products are found and shown based on specific search terms or categories.

Basically you can switch between the analysis of search results and the shop navigation by switching the tab in the upper right corner. You can start the analysis by specifying a search term or a category and click search/navigate.



Control product visibility based on exported (user)groups. See here (XML) or here (CSV) for more information about (user)groups)


Define the sorting order. The parameter “dynamic” indicates sorting by textual relevance, with consideration of the listed field. Sorting without “dynamic” ignores the textual relevance.


Define an attribute to be shown in the product details. Attributes are also considered for product ranking.


This is the unique identifier of the product.


Composed of weighted product field matches and additional Merchandising Features that match on the specific product. By hovering over the score you can find a rough explanation which textual matches are influencing the result.

This information should help you in giving you a rough overview on the score calculation based on field matches and how you may optimize your result. It does not reflect the exact calculation.


Indicates which merchandising feature is applied to the product. See here for more information about our Merchandising Features.

The other columns display product related information from the feed. See our export documentation on XML and CSV to get more information about the specific values.