The FINDOLOGIC navigation allows you to use the FINDOLOGIC filters on category pages.
You will also have all the benefits of the Direct Integration and you can use our merchandising feature product pushing.

Use the navigation in your shop

If you want to use FINDOLOGIC in your category pages with Direct Integration, the requirements are as described below.


  • Make sure to export the correct cat_urls in the attributes, matching the FINDOLOGIC XML or CSV export scheme.

Shop frontend:

  • The container for the filters with the id “fl-filters”.
  • The container for the navigation results when choosing a filter wit the id “fl-searchresults”.
  • See our documentation about Direct Integration for more information on this topic.


  • The navigation needs to be integrated by FINDOLOGIC.


  1. The FINDOLOGIC filters will be placed in the filter container, if the cat_url is correct.
  2. The products will still be provided by the shop.
  3. When selecting a filter, the products will be provided by FINDOLOGIC via JavaScript and will be placed in the products container.

1. 2. & 3.

If you have any questions regarding the navigation, or you are not sure how to integrate the navigation in your shop, please contact our technical support