Open plugin configuration

  1. Open the menu Plugins » plugin overview.
  2. Choose the desired plugin set.
  3. Click on the Findologic plugin.

Add shopkey

  1. Open the menu Configuration » Findologic search.
  2. Using the configuration navigation active you can activate/deactivate Findologic on category pages.
  3. Enter the shopkey(s) and the language(s) in the appropriate field. If you are using more than one language, enter more rows.
de: A1B2C3D4E5F6
en: A7B8C9D10E11
es: A12B13C14D15
You can see all the languages that are supported by Findologic here

  1. Open the menu Container links.
  2. Press on Default container links
  3. Set checkbox for containers:
    1. Ceres::Search.Filter to display the Findologic filter on search and navigation pages - required.
    2. Ceres::Search.SearchBar to connect the search field with the Findologic service - required.
    3. Findologic::CategoryItem.Promotion to display promotion banners, also see using promotions - optional
    4. Findologic::CategoryItem.SmartDidYouMean to display Smart-Did-You-Mean suggestions for search, also see using Smart-Did-You-Mean - optional