Necessary permissions

In the plentymarkets-backend the following steps have to be followed in order to setup a working export of shopdata:

  • The following permissions are necessary to setup in the tab Rights » REST-API:

  • Items
    • Attribute
      • Attribute link
        • Show attribute link
    • Item characteristic
      • Item characteristic group
        • Show item characteristic group
      • Show item characteristic
    • Item editing
      • Item image
        • Item image name
          • Show item image name
      • Show item
      • Variation
        • Barcode code
          • Show code
        • Category
          • Show category link
        • Client
          • Show client link
        • Edit attribute
          • value_set
        • Item characteristic
          • Show item characteristic
        • Price
          • Show price
        • Show variation
    • Sales price
      • Show sales price
    • Unit
      • Show unit
  • Setup
    • Property
      • Show property

Define default prices for the export

It is necessary to define the price-ID of the price which should be shown in the webshop and the recommended retail price. Please write a mail to and tell us the correct IDs. We will setup the IDs in our backend in order to use the correct price for the visualisation, filter and sort functions.

Configurations in the FINDOLOGIC customer account

Please enter under Settings → Export in the FINDOLOGIC customer account the following:

  • Export-URL: This URL is set automatically. You do not have to make changes here.
  • CSV-URL: If you provide the shopdata via CSV for the download, please enter the URL here. If you do not provide a CSV, please leave this field empty..
  • export-ID: Please enter the user name of the API-user from your plentymarkets-backend here.
  • export-password: Please enter the password of the API-user from your plentymarkets-backend here.

Click the Save-button.