Our library helps requesting the Findologic API and also getting the data from the response and mapping it to corresponding objects. Read more at

The call for the navigation is made as usual via the Findologic interface in the variant of XML:


For the available request parameters, please refer to the documentation of search parameters. In addition, filters can be preselected so they cannot be deselected by the customer. In this way, Navigation can start directly in a desired category (via the category navigation in the shop) or for a vendor. For this purpose, replace attrib with selected, otherwise this parameter will function exactly like attrib.


Query of filters In the first step, the available filters are queried and the preselected category is submitted via the selected parameter.

At this point, the results are generated not by Findologic but by the shop, since Findologic does not yet offer any benefit; therefore, query with count=0

Example of a call in the “Fashion” category:


The structure of requests to Findologic is documented in detail here. Please ensure that you also provide the Findologic required parameters with each call.

Especially ensure that the IP of the requesting end customer is also supplied so that bot queries are not billed.

Output of filters

The filters are output in the shop at the corresponding location. The output is executed in the module in the shop.

The customer can now select a Findologic filter with which the Findologic results can be obtained in the next step.

Query of results

The customer has selected a filter. This is now transmitted to Findologic

Example of preselected category “Fashion” and selection of attribute “Color=blue”: