Findologic offers the possibility to use A/B testing, so you can test the search of Findologic in comparison to an alternative search engine.
By doing this you can easily compare metrics like revenue, bounce and many more between Findologic and another search.

Requirements for A/B testing

Before reading this documentation make sure that

  • Google Analytics is running properly.
  • Basically you can use any A/B-testing-tool like Google Optimize, Optimizeley, AB Tasty, etc., which allows you to insert Javascript for a certain segment.
  • We recommend using Google Optimize and Google Tag Manager and the following documentation will show an example implementation using these tools.
Please note that this guideline refers to Direct integration as we have no control over the frontend in API/Plugin integrations. Nevertheless you might use this instructions to create your own A/B testing scenario with your own mechanism to (de)activate Findologic.



  • Do not implement the Findologic snippet into your source code (neither via plugin nor in the shop template).
  • This is the NO Findologic segment.
  • Create another segment in which you insert the Findologic-snippet.
  • This is the Findologic segment.

Example: Setting up an A/B test using Google Optimize

Make sure that you have the Google Optimize Snippet implemented directly in your shop or that you insert it via the Google Tag Manager. Find more information about this topic at the Google support.

Go to Google Optimize and click on Create Experiment:

Create Experiment

A sidebar should popup, where you have to set the following values:

  • Name: Does not matter, can be set to anything you like, e.g. Findologic A/B.
  • URL: URL of the site to test, e.g.
  • Type: A/B test

After those values are set, click on Create.

Create AB test

In your A/B test, open the tab Targeting and click on the pencil next to Evaluate on page load.


A sidebar should popup, where you have to set the following values:

  • Evaluate on page load

After those values are set, click on Done.

Evaluate on page load

Now click on Create Rule and afterwards on URLs. Now set the value to

After this value is set, click on Add.

URL rule

In your A/B test open the tab Objectives and select some objectives.

  • Objectives: some objectives, Recommended: page views, transactions


Open the variant Findologic in the editor. Make sure the Google Optimize extension is installed in your Chrome browser.

Next up select the head element, by clicking on the rectangle left at the top of the page and type head in the input field.
Afterwards click on Add Change and choose JavaScript.

Now paste the following JavaScript code in there:

    (function() {
        var mainUrl = "";
        var loader = document.createElement('script');
        loader.type = 'text/javascript';
        loader.async = true;
        loader.src = "";
        var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];
        loader.setAttribute('data-fl-main', mainUrl);
        s.parentNode.insertBefore(loader, s);

In the dropdown at the bottom, choose After opening tag and click on Apply.

Insert snippet

Last but not least, click on Save and Done to save the variant.

Start the experiment.