Install Findologic plugin with Ceres v4.0 - v4.6


In order to install a plugin with Git you need to create a personal access token on GitHub.

Install the plugin with Git

Open the plugin set where the Findologic plugin should be added. Click on Add Plugin.

Next click on Add Git repository.

Click on the + to add a new repository. Enter the following details:

Save the configuration, this may take a while.

Now that you've added the Git repository, it is time to install the plugin. Do this by going back to the Install Plugins view. The Findologic plugin should now be shown. Click it and select the following version depending on your Ceres version.

  • For Ceres v4.0 - v4.4 use Findologic 2.4.x
  • For Ceres v4.5 - v4.6 use Findologic 2.7.x

Then click on Install.

At the end enable the plugin and click on Deploy Plugin-Set.

Next steps

Read more about Plugin configuration.