The app can be used for Direct Integration.



Press the Install button to start the installation process.

In order to integrate the Findologic service to your shop it's necessary to have the permission, use the Confirm button to accept.

When the installation was successful the Findologic app configuration page is shown.

Insert configuration below and press Save button.

  • Shopkey: Enter the shopkey provided by Findologic - required
  • Active: Activate to enable Findologic for your shop - required


Product export

Please be aware that the product export isn't included with the app, for the functionality of the Findologic service it's necessary to provide an own product export.

For this purpose we recommend to use the BigCommerce Catalog API to retrieve the product data.

The Findologic export library libflexport should help to get the data from the Catalog API to the right format.

Both XML or CSV formats are supported:

The exported XML will be validated against a predefined XSD Schema.

If you have troubles with the export please contact us at