Supports Shopify and Shopify Plus


  • Login to your shop when not already logged in.
  • You are prompted with an authorization page.
  • Press Install unlisted app.

Plugin configuration

  • At the configuration page, enter the shopkey provided by Findologic and press Save.
  • Tell your responsible Findologic project manager when those steps are done in order to trigger an initial export of the shop data to the search server.

Default export

Please see Shopify - Export information to get an overview which values are exported by default and where they can be found in your Shopify backend.

Add filters with named tags

Those are special formatted tags with a key/value pair which will be used as filters on search result page and navigation pages.
The structure of a named tag must be filter-name:filter-value which means the name and the value are divided by a colon.
The Shopify limit for tags is set to 255 characters.


  • Color:Black
  • Size:43
  • Category:Lace Boot

More information on tags: