Shopware 5 - Export information

Overview of Shopware 5 product data which is considered for the Findologic XML export.

Item Short Description In export Reason
<item id=""> Unique identifier Yes
<ordernumbers> Article number, EAN or SKU Yes
<name> Article name, as usually shown on the result page Yes
<summary> Summarized article description Yes
<description> Detailed article description Yes
<prices> Current article price including taxes Yes
<urls> URL to the article page, must be absolute Yes
<images> URL to the article image, must be absolute Yes
<keywords> Keywords linked to current article Yes
<usergroups> Visibility of article, i.e. only visible to the exported usergroups Yes
<bonuses> Bonus value to rank certain articles higher than others No Not available
<salesfrequency> Amount of sold items of this article Yes
<dateAdded> Date current article was added Yes
<sorts> Value for custom sorting of search results No Not available
<attributes> Article categories and attributes. Will be filters. Yes
<properties> Additional information of article to be shown on search result listing Yes


A configured Shopware 5 product is exported, when it fits the following criteria:

  • Product is active
  • Product has at least one active category configured
  • Product has at least one category, that is configured to the current shop
  • Product is not in a configured cross-sell category

The ID can be shown by activating the ID Column in the product overview.


The following fields are exported as ordernumbers:

  • Article number
  • EAN
  • Supplier number





Prices are exported for each usergroup:


Product urls as generated by Shopware 5.


For each image, the original and thumbnail url is exported



Usergroups that are blacklisted, are not exported:


There are two options:

  • If a pseudo sales value is configured, this value is used
  • Salesfrequency is fetched from the Shopware orders



List of values exported as attributes:

  • Filterable properties
  • Configured categories as cat and cat_url values
  • Free text fields from attr1 to attr20
  • Values of configured variants
  • Manufacturer
  • New: Yes/No
  • Free Shipping: Yes/No
  • Sale: Yes/No

Properties configured as filterable

Configured categories

Free text fields

Values of configured variants


Free shipping

Other values

  • new → Not configurable, defined by Shopware.
  • sale → Pseudo price configured.


Directly configurable properties

Additional properties

  • tax → configured tax rate of the shop
  • wishlistUrl → generated
  • compareUrl → generated
  • addToCartUrl → generated
  • brand_image → Image URL of manufacturer (if available)
  • old_price → configured pseudo price

Some information of the variants is also exported within the XML of the main product:

  • Variant prices are considered for the exported price (cheapest of all)