Shopware 6 App integration - EN

1. Go to Extensions → FINDOLOGIC App - Configuration

2. Open the Extension

3. Select your sales channel and language

4. Insert required configuration

5. Accept the relevant App permissions

System config: View, Edit, Create and Delete permissions are required


  • Shopkey: Enter the shopkey provided by Findologic - required
  • Active: Activate to enable Findologic search for your shop - required

Instand Frontend


  • Exported main variant: Define what type of product should be considered as main product.
  • Cross-Selling categories: Products in these categories are excluded from the export. If you have multiple subcategories in your Cross-Selling category, make sure to add all subcategories.

Default export

Please see Shopware 6 - Export information to get an overview which values are exported by default and where they can be found in your Shopware 6 backend.

Trigger product export

The export can be called with:<SHOPKEY>&start=<NUMBER>&count=<NUMBER>
  • shopkey: <SHOPKEY> provided by Findologic
  • start: <NUMBER> that should not be lower than zero, default: 0.
  • count: <NUMBER> that should be higher than zero, default: 20.

Export specific product

For testing purposes the export can be called for a specific product:<SHOPKEY>&productId=<PRODUCT_ID>
  • shopkey: <SHOPKEY> provided by Findologic.
  • productId: <PRODUCT_ID> is a 32 digit hex value created by Shopware.

Debug specific product

For testing and debugging purposes, the export information of a product can be called directly:<SHOPKEY>&productId=<PRODUCT_ID>
  • shopkey: <SHOPKEY> provided by Findologic.
  • productId: <PRODUCT_ID> is a 32 digit hex value created by Shopware.


  • exportedMainProductId: The ID of the exported main product or variant. (Depends on the configuration)
  • isExported: Whether the product is exported and the correct exportedMainProductId or not.
  • reasons: List of reasons, why the product is not exported.

Debug links

  • exportUrl: Url to XML Export of the exported main product.
  • debugUrl: Url to Debug information of the exported main product.


  • isExportedMainVariant: Whether the product is the exported main product.
  • product: The whole requested data of the requested product.
  • siblings: All siblings, that are considered in the export. Only set for variant products.
  • associations: All associations used for requesting the product from the database.

If you have troubles with the export please contact us at