The goal of the export is to transfer all products to the Findologic-server so Findologic can index them. To achieve this, there has to be a file or function-call reachable from the outside under findologic_export.php in the root of the shop.1)

Parameter of the Export-URL

For the sequential processing of the export the following parameters have to be transmitted:

  • shopkey: shopkey of the service
  • start: first exported article (Offset) starting with 0
  • count: page size / how many articles are exported per page
Due to runtime limitations the XML-export has to be paginated.

All other parameters given in the export URL are passed through each export step.


Procedure of the Export

The export call delivers valid XML for the respective products. The XML also contains the information if more products are delivered, thus Findologic can send another call.

  1. Return of the XML for the first 100 products (including the information that there will be more).
  2. Return of the XML for the next 100 products (including the information that there will be more).
  3. More calls …
  4. Return of the last export-page (total number of products is exported)
  5. Indexing of all products
Please make sure to whitelist the HTTP user agent “Findologic” if you are restricting access to the export via user agents.

Products that may not be exported

Articles, variants and categories have - depending on the shopsystem - different possibilities to be excluded from beeing shown in the webshop (= invisible).

Typical possibilities are:

  • Stock (has to be >0)
  • Active / Inactive (only active products are exported)
  • Show / Hide (only shown products are exported)

According to this, the export has to reflect that logic:

  • If an article is not shown in the shop, it is not exported.
  • If a variant is not shown in the shop, the respective attributes are not exported.
  • If a category is not show in the shop, the products only found in this category are not exported, the category itself is not exported as an attribute.
The path can be changed if necessary.