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  • Shopware >= 6.4: Go to Extensions → My extensions.
  • Shopware < 6.4: Go to Settings → System → Plugins.

Install and activate the Findologic plugin.

Click on Config

Select your sales channel

Insert required configuration


  • Shopkey: Enter the shopkey provided by Findologic - required
  • Active: Activate to enable Findologic search for your shop - required
  • Active on category pages: Activate Findologic on navigation pages - for API integration.
  • Cross-Selling categories: Products in these categories are excluded from the export. If you have multiple subcategories in your Cross-Selling category, make sure to add all subcategories.
  • Test mode: This button is shown when the Findologic integration is still in staging mode. Clicking the button will redirect you to the shop frontend, where Findologic can be tested. Please be aware that a successful product export must happen before the test mode can be used.
  • Integration (read only): This field is set automatically and shows the used integration, either Direct Integration or API.

Direct Integration

Only relevant when the integration type is Direct Integration, see Integration (read only)

  • CSS class for search/navigation: In case different Html container should be used for Direct Integration, see documentation.


Only relevant when the integration type is API, see Integration (read only)

  • Filter position for search result pages: The Findologic filters can be placed either on the top or on the left side of the search result.

After setting the configuration press the Save button on the top right corner.

Default export

Please see Shopware 6 - Export information to get an overview which values are exported by default and where they can be found in your Shopware 6 backend.

Trigger product export

The export can be called with

  • shopkey: <SHOPKEY> provided by Findologic
  • start: <NUMBER> that should not be lower than zero
  • count: <NUMBER> that should not be lower than zero

This export url has to be set in the Findologic Account Settings, see documentation.

If you have troubles with the export please contact us at

The generated XML is validated against our predefined XSD scheme and built with our export library libflexport.

Plugin extension

Sometimes you want to extend the default behavior of the base plugin. To archive that and still have the possibility to get the latest plugin updates, we've created an extension plugin. It already contains some code for extending the export logic, but you can also extend the plugin to override search logic, or even the templates of filters (e.g. the category filter).


You only need composer autoloading in case you require additional composer dependencies.

While composer autoloading is disabled by default, you can always enable it by uncommenting the marked line in \FINDOLOGIC\ExtendFinSearch\ExtendFinSearch.

Upgrade information

Breaking changes to the main plugin will only be released in major releases (e.g. 1.x.x => 2.x.x) and a respective UPGRADE-x.x guide can be found in GitHub.